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1. Obama and religious freedom The first public reactions to U.S. President Barack Obama’s soul-stirring “Address to the People of India” at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi before winding up his three-day historic trip to the country on January 27 have, rather predictably, displayed a binary logic. A good section instantly saw in Mr. Obama’s candid views on “dealing with diversity of beliefs and of faiths” and the need to uphold the constitutionally guaranteed ‘Right to Freedom of Religion’ without fear of persecution……………………………………………. 2. Sending the right signal The government’s decision not to appeal against the adverse verdict […]

Indian Current Affairs for IAS Exam (28.01.2015-29.01.2015)

1. Going beyond symbolism On its 66th Republic Day, during a mighty parade in the national capital, India showcased “woman power” with all-women contingents of the three Services for the first time. A day earlier, Wing Commander Pooja Thakur became the first woman to lead a ceremonial tri-service guard of honour, which the visiting U.S. President inspected……………………………………………… 2. The new entente with the U.S. Robert Blackwill, former Ambassador of the United States and Harvard academic, used to often recount at his dinner roundtables in New Delhi’s Roosevelt House an intriguing story about how he was persuaded to take up the […]

Indian Current Affairs for IAS Exam (25.01.2015 – 27.01.2015)

1. ON DAY ONE, THE NUCLEAR DEAL IS DONE A hotline that will now connect Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Obama, a declaration of friendship, a renewed 10-year defence partnership, and the much-anticipated nuclear breakthrough marked the second summit between the two leaders, taking relations to what Mr. Modi called “a whole new level” and Mr. Obama referred to as…………………. 2. Critical transition in Saudi Arabia The death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, at the age of 90, beckoned a cautiously orchestrated transition of power to his successor Salman in the Al Saud dynasty that holds power […]


1. Domestic politics may stall key Modi-Obama deals India unable to meet economic commitments, U.S. grapples with climate change policy U.S. President Obama’s visit to New Delhi is likely to see the announcement of many important agreements, including the renewal ced………. 2. Another Ebola battle won On January 18, the World Health Organization and the Malian government declared Mali free of the Ebola virus disease. Mali is the third country after Nigeria and Senegal to become free of the deadly disease. ………. 3. Intangibles and deliverables When they meet, the core challenge before Narendra Modi and Barack Obama will be […]


1. The science of saving tigers India is unique in having a significant number of tigers in the wild, in spite of growing population and resource extraction pressures on their habitat. The latest estimate of tigers in various landscapes published by the Ministry of Environment and Forests claims an appreciable rise in numbers of the big cat. That there could be as many as 2,226 tigers in the country — up from 1,706 four years ago — in nature reserves ranging from the hills in the Northeast to central Indian forests and the Western Ghats, besides the mangrove-rich Sundarbans delta, […]