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CURRENT AFFAIRS (22.03.2015-23.03.2015)

1. Crisis Looms in India as Groundwater Depletes The world will only have 60% of the water it needs by 2030 without significant global policy change, according to a UN report. While countries like India are rapidly depleting their groundwater, rainfall patterns worldwide are becoming more unpredictable due to global warming, meaning there will be less water in reserves. As population increases, so does demand for potable water, snowballing to a massive problem………………………….. 2. Fiscal Omen of Local Democracy The Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC) has attracted accolades for raising the share of divisible pool to the states to 42% and […]


  1. Coal, mines Bills cleared as govt. has its way Despite an aggressive Opposition giving the NDA’s parliamentary managers a tough time during the first half of the budget session that concluded on Friday, the Modi government found reason to pat itself on the back……….. 2. National policy for Upper Houses The desirability of a bicameral legislature at the State level has been debated since the days of the Constituent Assembly, ……. 3. The polluted air we breathe In 2006, Al Gore broke down the complicated issue of climate change in “An Inconvenient Truth” to make it understandable to […]


  1. Now, opposition from Japan blocks India-U.S. deal Even as Indian and U.S. officials try to finalise “administrative arrangements” for the civilian nuclear deal, they have run into …….   2. Status quo in Israel The re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu after his Likud Party secured the first place with 30 out of the ……….. 3. Hitting all the wrong notes in J&K Events in Jammu and Kashmir seemingly appear more surreal than real, making it difficult to separate the truth from perceptions. The 2014 elections in Jammu and Kashmir had raised expectations of a significant ………..   4. Instituting […]


1. Inflation targeting of the wrong kind One major proposal included in the Union Budget for 2015-16 that has an impact on the working of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) relates to inflation targeting. It has been debated for quite some time and ………. 2. An answer to Fund-Bank domination Is the tide turning on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the new development bank being pushed by China ………… 3. GST Bill to be first off the block The Union government will give the long-pending Goods and Services Tax (GST) Constitution Amendment Bill …….. 4. Relief package for rain-hit […]


  1. Brace for shocks: IMF chief Emerging economies like India are faced with the risk of high market volatility and sudden flight of capital as the United States is gearing up to increase interest rates by the end of this year, International Monetary Fund …….. 2. SC strikes down quota for Jats Holding that politically organised communities like the Jats cannot be included in the Central list of Other Backward Classes (OBCs), …………. 3. Black money Bill proposes 10 years’ jail The Union Cabinet on Tuesday approved a Bill to deal with cases relating to black money stashed away […]