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“Yes, I did. Together We Do. Tomorrow is today. You decide the nation’s destiny. Craft yourself to this destination. You have the propensity. Because you are the progress. Together we do.”


Former Civil Servant



Excell career India was started in 2006 by Kalyansundaram a former civil servant of 1983 batch. His mission is to give real quality guidance and coaching to the aspirants.

He has been teaching in number of educational institutes before starting the Excell. There are ten numbers of aspirants got into civil service till today from his online guidance and direct coaching. This prompted him to open a full fledged formal learning coaching center in the heart of Chennai city with the best infrastructural facilities. Kalyansundaram has written a number of articles and given number of TV interviews on the strategy for the civil services exam.

Excell is different in coaching the aspirants, as here each aspirant is treated as a separate personality and individual care is taken to see that every one is trained in such unique way where his full potentiality is exploited. We teach with practical lessons out of experience to enhance one’s memory, speed, knowledge and faith in oneself. We do not allow aspirants to set limitations. We inculcate a spirit of intense passion which will ultimately magnetize his brain. We arrange such eminent people and recently passed civil servant to take up the classes and guide the students showing them the right path, light and focus, One of the greatest advantage of Excell career India is the entire coaching is given by a successfully passed candidate and well experienced Kalyansundaram who himself gives lectures, prepares course materials.

Why Excell Career?

  • It is the First time in India a former and senior officer of 1983 batch is directly involved in the coaching.
  • Mr.Kalyansundaram, 1983 batch officer is the DIRECTOR of EXCELL CAREER ensuring high quality coaching. He has scored 229 and 189 marks in Sociology (UPSC examinations) is taking classes for Sociology option.
  • EXCELL brings other civil service fraternity and the recent toppers in Civil Services to take regular classes, interact and motivate the aspirants.
  • Expert academicians, Former VCS of Universities, Top policy decision makers from the Govt. have prepared the notes and study materials.
  • Dr. G.Sundaram, of 1962 batch of Gujarat cadre who was former Commerce Secretary and Tourism Secretary to G.O.I is the full time adviser for this academy.
  • This year (2009) Six of our candidates have come out successfully in the final results declared.
  • Mr. Anirudh Singh who has come out successfully with 288th Rank & Mr. Mosam Ali Sarwar who has come out successfully with 128th Rank are teaching History and GS for Excell Career Inda.
  • T. Anand who has come out successfull in 69th rank will be teaching Public administartion.
  • Mr. Anirudh Singh works in CTS, attended week end batch and secured 288th rank.
  • Last year (2008) Five of our candidates have come out successfully in the final results declared.
  • Mr. Tamil Selvan who has come out successfully with 214th Rank (IPS in UPSC 2008).
  • We offer regular coaching, and weekend coaching for working candidates Online / Postal coaching also is available.

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